May 18 2011

Work of art in progress.

At a certain age you get honest with yourself and decisions become easier.

Never would I stick with wearing a retainer for the rest of my nights.  A month, tops – maybe.  I survived gagging on the dentist’s mold goop only to find out braces alone wouldn’t give me a Hollywood smile.  It worked for our son, born with the same narrow jaw, high smile line…  an off Broadway set of ivories. I resisted asking if it had anything to do with my age.

To improve my looks at 52, I shut my mouth and picked two alternates that didn’t come with more long-term debt.  I am writing about them because you might want to consider one or both or share details with a woman in your life because every woman deserves to feel pretty, something my mom said I’d never be.  “Handsome,” she told me, “people will describe you as handsome.”   Her timing wasn’t great. I was a teenager already enrolled in modeling school to distract me from wondering why I had to be taller than 99.9% of the boys at school.

This time ‘round I grew eyelashes and fingernails – a makeover for about $120 – thanks to Gel Nails and Latisse. And I think I’m am walking taller, too. Afterall, the man who stopped me as I was walking out of a recent production of Chorus Line (ever so quietly humming to myself,”Dance 10, Looks 3″), was pretty right when he said, “Tall IS gorgeous.”

Get yourself to the salon and an ophthalmologist!

My favorite: Oasis Foot Spa 1030 Northwest 12th Avenue No. 3, Portland, OR 97209-2838(503) 223-3632