Jul 16 2011


Some things just stick.

In my early twenties I read an editorial column in the Cleveland Plain Dealer. I had always thought one could learn a lot watching another hunt and gather (AKA shop).  I dropped most of my money back then in establishments offering books, wine and music.   How a nest is feathered can also be most telling but, as the columnist directed, skip the art, the books. I would add: the wine cellar, the closet, the medicine cabinet.  Find an excuse to peek in the box, the icebox!

What is inside that GE, dacor, KitchenAid…Subzero will speak volumes!

Under the glare of bright lights, my fridge was quite chatty this morning.

“She’s drawn to farmers’ markets. Totes a camera and on rare occasion, a shopping bag.”

“Heaven forbid there not be a jar of oh-so-versatile fig jam in the place.”

“Might be getting older but isn’t dairy intolerant -yet.”

“There was more food in here before breakfast today.”

“Will be dining on Peppered Pork Loin, Trader Joe lentils and streamed carrots sometime soon – and leftovers for days.”

“Prioritizes. Freshly shaved Parmigiano-Reggiano is a must but life is to short to cook and peel beets when they can be bought that way.”

“Picks bananas not by the bunch. Safeway is out the back door, afterall.”

“Too green and too cheap to buy bottled water.”

“Should probably be thinking of buying more Washington wine during the 30% off sale because a girlfriend recently pointed out it costs more to cool an empty icebox than one partially stocked. Adding, “Wine counts, shoes don’t”.”

“Will graciously accept a dinner invitation!”

And that is just the CONTENTS talking!  What does your icebox have to say?

Always be exploring and listening but don’t let anyone catch you talking to the orange juice.


May 15 2011

Fruit loop.

May 15, 2010

This morning I woke up thinking about food.  Everyday starts with breakfast but Sundays are different.  Sundays invite you to make more effort, to put on music, to linger, to read beyond the headlines, to delay turning on the computer – to make a whole English muffin so you don’t have to decide between yummy fig jam or the delicious apple butter produced by a friend’s annual fall weekend collaboration with Missouri friends.

Sunday breakfast is a delicious thing to contemplate, not to the exclusion of brunch. Brunch can be delayed until 1pm.

Last Sunday in Tulsa I had what Joel and I, with a nod to Denny’s and iHop, have dubbed a “Grand Slam.”  I can smell the bacon at the mention of it!   Today I thought I’d revisit a weekday favorite of late 2009 and 2010 (liked it so much I’d tired of it after serving 400 and something): a fruit smoothie.

The kitchen harvest this particular Sunday yielded banana, orange, mango, blueberry, pineapple and peach.  My recipe is “what’s on hand” but it seemed unbalanced today without red berries of some sort.  A trip out the back door to Safeway would have changed the pace ever so slightly, rushing me to enjoy the concoction before yoga class.

Instead I perched on a chair at my three-legged corner table with 6-fruit smoothie, coffee, two muffin halves* and laptop to Goggle “Fruit Loop – Oregon” while enjoying  a wealth of Pandora music on a station named “Instrumental.” **

This is what I found:



Ah, Sundays.  There is a reason they come before Mondays.  As for breakfast, it feeds the soul.

*Glenda Keegan got me hooked on Bays English Muffins back in the 80’s. They tasted especially good in her New Orleans St Charles Avenue kitchen because she made a point of stocking them for each of my return trips to visit her daughter.

*I recommend Island Dream (Ohm-G), Evoking Wonder (Bernward Koch), Pictograph Cave (Laura Sullivan)

Enjoy!  Trix