Apr 21 2012

When the unexpected comes your way.

Every once in awhile an unexpected, irrestible someone or something comes along and stirs up the pot, the routine, the delicate balance of our lives.

The challenge for an intense person, given naturally to a single-mindedness pursuit of an interest, is to tame the 20-something year old inside the 50-something body that is still a lively, adventurous, independent woman but one with responsibilities and an experience-based recognition and knowledge of passing, potentially disastrous distractions. 

The unexpected distraction is a scenario ripe with the tension and breathlessness that fuels and is present, perhaps or most likely, in the most intense and memorable moments of our lives.  However passing or fleeting.

The things that can never be but distract.

What would you do, in the moment, if you knew you could not fail and time might stand still while you explored?