Now or later.

Do you live in “now” or “later?”

Do you wake up in the morning thinking about all the things you have to do before another sunset?  Do you stop regularly to ask yourself, “Where do I want to be in a year, with whom, doing what?” Do you reflect periodically on all the zillions of moments and memories you’ve already experienced?

Do you put as much energy into meeting new people as you do nurturing friendships?  Do you make a regular effort with either?

Do you make a point of learning something new each day?  Do you walk, ride or drive the same route everyday?

What choices do you make – for yourself?  Are you tourist or explorer or homebody?

I have cleaned my flat, bathed the Whippets, done the laundry, closed the door on my office and turned my back on the photo albums, household items and clothes soaked in the December rains that flooded Wyatt underground storage units and still in need of sorting and fixing.

A year ago I left my marriage of 24 years largely for “now.” I thought we’d fallen into a routine of  “When this happens, we’ll …” all the while living a wonderful life but not content enough.  Connected and not.  The half full glass is half empty.

Since last January  I’ve crafted a busy, full life between my two cities – on my own, sometimes feeling very alone.  Sometimes empowered by the possibilities.  Many times feeling doubly blessed.  I have not always been true to my mission. Routines have gobbled up hours, days.

Today, with almost seven hours until I dress for a theatre date, I have a blank canvas before me.  What do I pick to do first?! How much can I fit in?

Portland’s Pearl is my playground! I’ll share what I find!

Enjoy the moments of today, Trix

2 Responses to “Now or later.”

  • Maridel Allinder Says:

    I hope you had a lovely Saturday!

    I spent mine in this way;
    early morning run
    yoga class and teacher training
    Mudhouse downtown for coffee
    letters to old friends
    two weird flea markets
    grocery store
    Saturday Night Live

    Not an exceptionally inventive day, but nice!

  • Joseph Blanchette Says:

    I have often wondered if we make life-changing decisions based upon un-inspected motivations. Finding life in the “now” unsatisfying, we attempt to either manipulate external experience or our internal experience seeking a fulfillment that neither process can create?

    How many do we hurt around us (most commonely unintentionally) in this seemingly endless seeking that maybe founded in an uninspected, or erroneous assumption about the nature of Life itself, Ourselves, and the nature of what it means to experience? As both a Tourist, Explorer, Archeologist, and Demolition Expert to my own life, I have “gone where no man has gone before”, in the search of something greater than my well tiled, neat and tidy, organized life. The results have not always been beneficial, but they were not ordinary or “common” either. Joseph Blanchette

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