Surviving a poke.

November 12, 2010

9 things out of 10 I usually can do really well.  Those successes put me over the moon (probably not a glam scene but I do a jig around the kitchen that leaves no doubt I am happy with an outcome).  I am as good at fixating on the one thing not exactly stellar.  I’ve had 52 (just) years to hone my single-mindedness.  Trust me – it is powerful stuff.

When one is spinning around from major life changes (and I no longer believe they come in series of 3 but rather groups of 3 weekly), there are many opportunities to convince yourself you are a total screw up.

It can be just as easy, or should be, to celebrate staying in the game, unafraid and open to what chance brings.  When my tender heart takes a poke I remind myself, “good to be feeling something!”

Don’t miss out on life!   It is meant to be shared.


2 Responses to “Surviving a poke.”

  • Alan Flashing Says:

    Very nice Tracey, enjoyed this installment… Yes life is meant to be shared!
    The possibility of a good outcome is worth the risk… A leap of faith now and then keeps us flexible.

  • Trix Says:

    Thank you, Alan. There’s a quote I especially like about flexibility but do not know the author to credit: “Blessed are the flexible. They will never be bent out of shape!”
    I wish I could find a way for the perfectionist to be more gentle with the risk taker! The internal struggle is exhausting.

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