August 20, 2010

SKIN TO SKIN. That is the lyric that bounced around my head in the shower tonight.  I think it was Harry Belafonte accompanied by a sultry female vocalist … it was definitely something very sensual and it got me thinking…

How often are women expected to shave?

In this blog I’ve opened myself up to the bone (therapy) and desire (insatiable). So it is fitting we talk of SKIN and I want to know… not via email, but on this blog wall/ comment section because we just might liberate women:  How often are women expected to shave? Every opinion counts!

For men, “unshaven” for years has seemed the look – ranging from something well past what my dad knew as “5 o’clock shadow,” to unkept, untrimmed, bushy beards.  For women did a similar liberation happen?  Can I skip shaving legs and underarms everyday? Did I miss the memo, as I so often do?

Fact is my mother has asked, “Why do you shave everyday?”  I remind her hair growth varies between 51 and 89 years of age, to say nothing of society expectations and wardrobe.  I still wear dresses, especially in the summer. Many older women have liberated themselves and wear pants ( Katherine Hepburn deserves a mention; she definitely had a hand in making pants fashionable for women).  It makes a difference to one’s shaving routine.

My razor is orange and it vibrates, or it did.  Guess I need to find out what size battery it takes.  In the meantime I snagged a Groupon special for 3 very affordable laser hair removal sessions.  Stay tuned!

Always, Trix

The song!

12 Responses to “Shaving.”

  • Mary Sipe Says:

    Who cares about what is “expected”. I shave my legs and underarms everyday and my entire arms every week because I like the way it feels. Lotion glides on and it feels so good massaging it onto smooth arms and legs. I use an electric razor on those little patches on the toes and knuckles of my fingers!

  • Angie Says:

    Ok Missy, this is any easy one. I wear dresses 75% of the time, even in the winter, and I haven’t wore a pair of panty hose in forever. And since we are bearing all…I like to rub my legs and feet together or on someone and if I had stubble, I might start a fire!!!. Waxing is right up there with breathing. Do you know the feeling of the skin right under your eyebrow when it has been freshly waxed. Nubile, plump and warm with stimulation, slick, I want my whole body to feel like that every minute. For that matter any bit of hair must be styled, stripped, or heart-shapened. Contemplating not shaving is rare 4 me. As sure as I skip shaving, I’ll get aroused or want to go out in a dress or shorts and well.. Live every day as though you will have a sensual encounter…at least with your legs! In a nutshell, I will eat mac & cheese on my grandmothers china for breakfast, spend old coins, and shave like there’s no tomorrow. You will not be liberated by me. I am sooo vain, I am a 2 times a day shaveaholic and I am very interested in a vibrating razor.

  • Cokie Says:

    I hate shaving my legs, and in winter I very rarely do unless we’re in Hawaii. In summer, every 2-3 days if it’s warm and I’m wearing dresses or shorts. Under arms, a couple times a week. My hair doesn’t grow very fast. It helps that I married a hippie boy who doesn’t care if I shave at all.

  • Trix Says:

    Between holidays in Hawaii and an easy going hippie boy I’d say you’ve got it made!

  • Trix Says:

    Angie: I think you know how to grab life and it’s time for me to see what size battery my handy dandy razor needs to be fully operational again! You and Mary combined sure didn’t give me any license for shortcuts. Still shaving daily.

  • Trix Says:

    With you on toes but I don’t seem to have hair on my fingers… or is it my eyes going?!

  • Kimberly Says:

    Depends – summer, every day. Winter – not as much.

  • Janet Says:

    Funny you should be thinking on this…just this morning as I slathered in the shower, I realized I didn’t have to shave. Nothing there to razor. No stub of fur. So, here’s my take. Depends on the weather sometimes and depends if you can put your legs together at night and sleep. Oh. It depends on who’s doing the feeling.

  • Paula Says:

    I have shaved four times in just as many years.
    If people haven’t had it any other way… it is normal to them. I still wear capris and skirts and most people don’t care. People actually freak on the rare occasion I do shave my legs… especially my husband.
    Shaving creates a lot of waste unless you use an old fashioned blade and I’ve yet to find an electric razor that can handle my kind of hairiness. All those cartridges.. into the landfill. And I don’t even want to think about how much of my life I wasted away shaving.

    I guess I’m kind of a hippie… shaving is a social stigma.
    But yes.. I do like the feel of silky smooth skin which is why I shave occasionally for ME.. not for others.

  • Trix Says:

    You make me laugh! And you certainly have things in the right order. Shave first for yourself!

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