Ask me on the third.

“Big plans for the 4th?!”  he asked, with a Cheshire Cat grin.

“Ask me on the 3rd,” I muttered, my mouth full of dental instruments.  It was Monday. I still had my head cold, was getting a silver filling replaced and my guy was interested – in someone else.  Did I really want to think of my first major holiday alone?   No.

But today is Tuesday.  The table is set for a madcap, potluck dinner with seven dear friends – or at least six. The seventh guest is my co-host for the evening, someone who “friended” me on facebook while he was traveling in Athens last month with his nephew. We are meeting for the first time at 6 o’clock tonight, roughly the same time my overnight guest and her dog Sofi arrive.

He has already written two poems for me. See if you can find me in this one:

Tulsa is where she says she comes from.

Really, she comes from everywhere…

Always, has, always will.

Creating her own sense of place

Each and every whistle stop of her journey…

You’d think she’d settle down by now.

Every destination another opportunity to explore.

Little does she realize

In each town they are exploring her as well.

Zigging from the West, to the Northwest, zagging occasionally to the East,

Always one step ahead,

But often surprised when she least expects it.

Everything seems so together…

Then it is not…

History teaches us that control is an illusion.

Never one to rest for long.

Only she knows where her peace lies.

Reveling in friends, and writing in the dark,

Vanities of style and manner are placed on display,

Even though modesty and grace are truer to her character.

Love fuels this trip of a lifetime…

Love…her final destination.

ND 6.27.10

I hear a train departing from Union Station but today I will spend time buying media in Tulsa, call my mom in Houston, text Joel in Phoenix, enjoy a warm hug from my guy (who I hope will always be in my life) and hang my hat in Portland, with the Whippets.   I still cry, as easily as I laugh, and my heart is heavy, but full. I’ll figure out the holiday, but probably not until the 4th.

Always, Trix

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