Get out there.

April 15th, 2010

For the very reason some couples are madly enjoying being married (Nancy Hermann you know I mean you and Bill), others of us have our best shot at another chapter of bliss.

We are the tail end of the boomers. Our children have flown the coup.  We are fifty something and fit, perhaps less flush than we might have been two years ago but confident, comfortable and able to still grab life by the tail.

If you are in a relationship – great. If you aren’t – great, but don’t get lazy. Take a proactive role in finding happiness if a relationship is what you seek, as I do.  I view life has something meant to be shared.   Furthermore, the way I see it Marcello Angelini, artistic director of Tulsa Ballet, is auditioning over 1000 dancers to fill a few positions for the company’s 2010-11 season.  In looking for your Prince Charming (Princess, if you are a male reader) are you going to wait for friend Sally to call and suggest a pot roast dinner  to meet her brother’s squash partner, Delbert??

Sidebar:  “Delbert” was the term a high school art teacher who looked like Barbara Streisand used interchangeably with jerk, nut… basically a dufus.  Very clever lady.  Not only did she give me an A (for effort) but she also shared a fabulous relationship story.  She dated a fellow in the early 1970′s who had difficulty popping the question, aka committing.  What did Barbara do (yes, that was really her name AND yes, her last name started with a S)?  She began sending herself flowers and acting surprised when they arrived. “Oh, I cannot believe he sent me flowers.  We only met for lunch once,” and so on. Her Delbert got nervous about losing her to competition and proposed!  “Best $100 I ever spent,” she said with the sliest of smiles.

So today I confided to my very wise, caring Greek friend Voula that I had joined  Was it fitting perhaps that the restaurant we met at was called Veritable Quandary?! More about the online dating experience in “Beards, Ballcaps and Bikes.”

Sweet dreams, Trix

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