Feb 3 2010

On ice.


The inside of an icebox tells a lot about a person.

Think about it. The bookcase may say, “Great cook, poetry reader.” The appliance contents may instead say, “I live on TV dinners and am not sensitive to mold.”

When a friend traveling in Arkansas over the holidays sent me a photo of the inside of the cabin’s icebox, I didn’t ask “why?” Instead I solicited friends to send similar photos for an album of “Icebox Art.” One sent me a saucy photo of all the hot sauce bottles arranged together in her icebox.  Others willingly participated but offered excuses for the state of their icebox.

What is in your icebox? What does it say about your life?

I have enough OCD to ensure a tidy icebox. Countless times I asked Joel, “Do you really need 5 jars of pickles?” Now my icebox answers, “the pickle, olive, canned tuna fish, celery loving fellow no longer resides here.”

Feb 1 2010


I went searching tonight.
Searching for comfort.
Searching for rhythm.
Looking for the brighter side to life.

For several days I have had a craving for fried chicken and mashed potatoes; buttery corn on the cob would have been the piece de resistance. Even more than a flavorful, fatty meal (I had a show-stopper lamb dish Sunday night at Wild Wood), I desperately needed new music – a powerful mood setter.

The brilliantly performed old torch songs, high-energy soundtracks (yeah, I’ve defied gravity with the witches of Wicked) and free-spirited Reggae classics in my iTunes library were worn out and not fitting the bill in terms of boosting my mood. And the Safeway Deli fried chicken had the aroma and taste of cardboard. All was not lost. I did discover a wonderful 1974 recording by Irene Kral titled “Where is Love.”

Irene Kral died at 46. She was a ballad singer inspired by Carmen McRae ( big chapter in my music library) and made more famous posthumously when Clint Eastwood used her recordings in his 1995 movie, The Bridges of Madison County. Her recording is intimate, passionate and will speak to your heart.

As recently as this summer I told my friend Elizabeth, “Anyone going through a breakup should eliminate love songs and listen only to instrumentals.” But maybe there is some comfort in being reminded we are all vulnerable creatures seeking love.