Here we go.

Time to march forward and live a little. Thursday I depart for my first overnight spa visit and first time holiday traveling with women…9 of them! Last pretrip stop: REI. because my running and hiking shoes are in Tulsa. Have you traveled with a group of people? What has it been like?  Done the spa thing? Send recommendations!

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  • Sue Stees Says:

    I’ve been a part of a group of women ATOG (All the Old Gals) who have gathered four days every summer for 20 years to eat, shop, and reconnect. Nothing like it!

  • Becket Says:

    REI is one of my favorite stores!! I love shopping there.
    And yes I have traveled with a pack before, one memorable trip in 1999 to Idaho with a rather ecclectic group of outdoor types – cavers and boaters – with rafts and kayaks. The plan was to run Hell’s Canyon but massive snow melt that summer altered the plan to rafting the Salmon River, touring a couple of volcanos, Craters of the Moon National Park and a class 5 rafting trip through the Royal Gorge on the Arkansas River in Colorado. Yep! I’d do it again in a heartbeat!
    Have fun at the spa!

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