Damn It’s Hard To Be Unique

Well I’m pissed. I sign on to AOL early this morning and there it is…a video of Martha Stewart pole dancing. When I announced my plan to take a 90-minute discounted pole dancing lesson at Diva Den in Portland, courtesy of Groupon.com, it earned a “WOW!” text from Oregon Ballet Theatre Artistic Director Christopher Stowell, a raised eyebrow from a few friends, an offer from another to, not join me as a student, but “come throw money at me.” It also opened up many dialogues with colleagues and friends that surprised me. I have never been to a Chippendale show but now can say I know retired dancers from that circuit AND they live in Tulsa, Oklahoma, buckle on the Bible Belt.

Don’t you find it often hard to do something even remotely unique? Well-meaning (and I appreciate each gesture) friends supporting my journey are bringing me many books written by women undergoing the dissolution of long-term marriages. As I read the dust covers I think, “So much for this blog …been done.” But has it? My story – my unique story shared honestly with others and spiced with finds, discoveries relating to enjoying life?

A friend in Tulsa told me over lunch at the Wild Fork, “You’ll blog about becoming unmarried. Then you will write the greatest of love stories, the story of Joel’s feelings for you.” She is right; Joel is a gem, one-of-a-kind, and adored by many, if not all, of my friends. A few in the throws of long-term relationships being redefined or ending have suggested I have it much easier because Joel and I are best friends dealing with this change in life in a very civilized, loving manner. I don’t buy it. I have fallen in love with just two men in my 51 years and I am day-to-day engaged with both relationships as I chart my future course. Easy? No. Worthwhile? Absolutely.

As always, Trix

2 Responses to “Damn It’s Hard To Be Unique”

  • Judy Says:

    Done by others, never by you. Therefore: unique. I continue to enjoy your insight.

  • Elie Says:

    Oh my Tracey…you may have stumped me on this one…hmmm….an ode to you and Martha Stewart pole dancing?
    By the way, I should have given proper attribution to the poets for the two poems I posted. The one for “Separation” was Envoy by Billy Collins from his collection: Ballistics and the one for “I Vacuumed” was none other than my dear friend Karen Braucher who has written extensively on love, lovers, husbands, wives, marriage, heartache, food, adoption, children, mermaids, sirens, art and all that jazz! I am certain I will share more of her work as she is brilliant, funny, wry and witty. OK…now on to that poem!

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